Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello readers. It's been since Halloween since I have posted on my blog. It's about time to refresh and get a great new background to invite the holiday season into my life. I cannot believe that it is nearly time for finals!! I have just one more week of school before I take my one final exam two weeks from tomorrow...that means lots of time to study!! I am very thankful for that!
Over the past month of my non-blog-existence I have been busy with school, work, wedding planning and my family's visit here in Indiana. I'll talk more about their visit later. I do not want to over populate my blogs with the wedding topic.

So is everyone sick right know? I feel that just about everyone I know is feeling just as sick as I am...and with that its like we are living in the darkness. I cant tell you how exhausting it is to sleep and never feel refreshed... I need my warmer weather-stat!! I haven't been to the doctor just because I do not want to risk getting sicker just by having to wait the several hours it takes to get into see a doctor.

This is the first year for me that it really does not feel like the holiday season. I know if we had kids it would be fun, exciting, and more stressful...but really it is not at all that stressful right now. I am hoping that I can get to feeling better so that I can put in a lot of work time to get a reserve up for the wedding...

Speaking of which i am going to briefly discuss wedding plans as of right now. I have my dress. It's fantastic, I do not want to put up spoiler pictures, but I will tell you that when I walked out of the dressing room all who were by the mirrors gasped or clapped!! :D Which was AMAZING!!
The next thing that we finally gotten care of is the DATE and the RECEPTION hall.
We are getting married on June 11, 2010 in Schererville, Indiana. (YAY!)
As far as colors....and flowers.... not completely sure. I like the idea of Hydrangeas. Colors... are difficult right now. But, I'm sure it will fall into place.

The visit from my sister and mom was great! I had a good time with my mom and am sad that we do not get to do it very often. I miss going out and doing things with her, but it does not make me want to up and move to Georgia any time in the near future.

Alright now I am off to find a fantastic new background. Does anyone know how I can fix my posts so that my cute divider comes back??

Hope you all are well.

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