Friday, August 28, 2009

MacBook Pro

This is the best computer, see picture to the left.
I am super happy with how the keyboard is... with its back lit keys. I love the new iLife '09. I also am in love with this new iPod Touch! I got it because it is free after rebate. Its fantastic!! I think that perhaps someday I will have to switch from Verizon to AT&T so I can get an iPhone. I thought that it would be hard to type on, and it was actually not bad at all!
I went to Wal-Mart right after work so I could get a screen protector and case for my iPod. I uploaded a picture but the case is more aqua blue like the Spec picture I am going to keep my two new products like new for as long as they are in my possession!!

So, I can not figure out how to get my gmail on the right timezone. I thought I could change it in the settings but I am not figuring it out. If you're reading this right now and know how to do it, please let me know!!

So, I am going to continue the transfer of the old computer over to my new baby... I need to name the laptop. Any suggestions??

I just ran across some hilarious pictures on my computer. I think they were from one of those fwd emails that I get quite often. I just opened the iPhoto to drag in some crazy fun pictures. I am going to put them on here. I would tell you who and where they are from, but I do not know. I do hope you enjoy them though. I will add more sometime later.
I hope you have a fantastic day! I am probably going to be here later today.

the Pell the rescue

I have never been more surprised by my university in my life...

Wait I have been surprised at how I have become to hate it so much. And how I am struggling so much with one department in particular.

But, today... this marks the first pleasant surprise from BSU in the history of my six years attending the university.

I received the Federal Pell Grant!!! It covered pretty much my entire balance for this fall!! And I only have about 1500.00 left to pay off!! That is quite amazing.

If you do not know that grants are loans you do not pay back. Essentially a scholarship that you get that you do not have to do anything for. . . besides be in the lower economic status.
Which I am definitely in that category. . . and will be until I start working in an environment that has a salary. The weekend of the 22nd of August I realized that after working 18 hours that day at two different jobs that I made less than minimum wage if you averaged the amount of money I made an hour. It made me really depressed.
I was working four different jobs this summer. I was working as a Nanny, in Retail, as a Supervisor at a Stable, and a Caregiver. I am still working at my Retail job and as a Caregiver. The good news is that I have less hours to work and more hours to put into homework...when that comes up. But, I am still only making about $150.00 a week that needs to go straight to bills.
...if I could only go back in time and do it over again...
I would not have anything that involves credit cards or bills. I do not have any credit cards...anymore and let me tell you. I will never get them again. I know its important to have at least one. Well, not if you're me. I will never ever get one again.

Well, I need to get going. I am off to class. Math 201, which is a teaching math. Then, going to work at Staples from 3-9pm.

Have a splendid day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fighting Laptops and Sleep

I am becoming quite angry at the Mac Version of Word lately. I have have it tell me for the past couple of months that I do not have enough room to open a blank document. What the crap does that mean!? Seriously, I need to get an updated computer. I have an iBook G4 from 2004. Its running...but it could possibly be more of a heating blanket than a personal computer. I am excited that I got to download a bunch of a-ma-za-zing fonts from the website that I put a sticker for, see side panel, and a whole new little scrapping bundle. It should make crafting via computer much better! YAY!
Today was an alright day, I feel that I have not been able to spend that much time with Joe these past few weeks. Life for us is just kind of on hold until I graduate. Joe has been advancing in his career in the Army National Guard. He goes to two more schools this fall. He is also trying to get his schooling that he has done in the past to count at college credits. He is going to shoot to get a B.A. something.

If you are in the Muncie area and have yet to eat at the restaurant, Amazing Joe's, you need to get over there! It is probably one of the best restaurants in Muncie. I personally would rather go to a "mom-n-pop" restaurant than a food-chain. I think that they strive to serve you better, their food always taste much better, and you get more bang for your buck because they do not have a corporate headquarters in another state where they decide prices of food.

I just looked at the clock.... this insomnia needs to stop. I am so physically tired but mentally I cannot get my brain to power down. This must be one of the curses of having ADHD. I am constantly doing something!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Awesome Times with Great Friends!

Yesterday was fun! ! I need to put up pictures of our awesomeness!
So, The picture you see to the left is of me and Chelsea. We just got doing the CERT Mantra and we got to put our gear on. Although, Chelsea wanted me to say that we just got done saving like a million people from burning buildings. But it was her first meeting... and my second. So-soon
we'll become the bestest CERT gals ever.

The Next Picture is of Chelsea, Kelly, and Lucas practicing bandaging and approaching victims. We learned how to assess the situation, check for injuries, and dress wounds. We hope to practice more so that we can really get on top of our game!

In other I got an awesome new background. You can click on the link in the top corner of my page. Shabby Backgrounds... they look vintage, and you should get one!

I need to put a song on my blog-- but I am not sure where and how to do it. Any help would be appreciated!!

Well, I hope you like our pictures, and my new layout!

Have a rockin' awesome day!

p.s. a huge kudos to for the rockin' awesome fonts that made my blog look awesome! You need to check their website out....pronto!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today, I went to campus and helped a complete stranger with the parking meter. Then, I went to class and had a great time learning about patterns. Then, I talked to my adviser and teachers about classes that I am taking. Found out that I do not have to buy a $45 book for one class, then that the other class will not have a book for at least a week while the bookstore purchases the correct book. Then, went to get my parking pass for this fall. I stood in line for about an hour and during that time I taught kids about Deaf Culture, awareness, and possibly recruited them to join my club! My club is the BSU SPUR, which stands for Special People United in Riding. Its hippotherapy for kids and adults with special needs. Its AWESOME! I volunteered there tonight and got bit by a horse about every three minutes. Then, I went also to my second class of the CERT training. That stands for Community Emergency Response Team. You can go to their website to learn more at:

Well I hope everyone has a great day and reaches out to help someone tomorrow. Or perhaps share knowledge on a subject that you know!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogging...take 3

This is my third attempt in the keeping of the blog. I started in 2005 and had an issue with some people leaving rude comments on my blog. Then, I tried another website that has been deemed the teen angst capital. I do not fit into that I am trying this one from my fav website, google.

I was looking up grants and scholarships today and ran across a scholarship that will give the grand-prize winner a $10,000 scholarship for maintaining a blog. Well, I am intrigued so I am going to give this a try and if I succeed in creating a lookworthy blog then I shall pursuit the scholarship. The only problem would be, that I will be finished with my schooling in one year. I think that the scholarship would have to be applied to my previous years if I do not have enough classes to pursue the ten grand award.
There are so many times in which I wish I could start over. I am flooded with the "coulda-woulda-shoulda's". I should have applied for more scholarships. I wish I knew the mystery behind grants and financial aid. I wish I had an advisor who knew exactly what to do with the aspects of my degree. If I could do it all over again, I would be teaching right now and not taking random classes to make myself a full-time student for the sake of being eligible for financial aid- which means adding more to the balance of my loan. I just checked the balance and it has reached over $20,000. Yes, that is right, I could have a super awesome car right now, but no...I am living off of Ramen noodles and peanut butter.

Yesterday, was my Golden Birthday which means I turned the age of the date of my birth. It was just an ordinary day for the most part. I was in a fantastic mood and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I arrived home from work. My cousin decorated my house and we had cake and i opened my only gift. She got me a super cool flask that says, "My Secret Weapon" and a board game, Sex and the City Trivia Game. I was super pumped! I haven't open a gift since Christmas so it was fun. My grandparents sent money which is always good. My parents funded my new purchase of a Nixcon Coolpix L100. Its a fantastic camera- the best onea that I have ever had.
I would be lying if I did not say that I was not disappointed with my fiance. He did not get me anything for my birthday. I got the happy bday wish, but I was the one that took us out to dinner and lunch with my birthday money. I would have been happy if he made me a card or at least cleaned up the house a bit. I guess I need to stop spending more money on others and more on myself. I always go way out for birthdays and holidays. I like doing that for people, but its rather disappointing when everyone else falls short.