Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures of Downtown Houston

I wanted to post some pictures of my new place and adventure to Downtown Houston, TX! :-D

First I will share pictures of my apartment. We don't have any furniture for the most part. I brought only what I could fit in my parent's van they loaned me.

Our very empty living room. Complete with fireplace.
(Not that we need it in Texas...)

The dining room with our patio furniture table....

Our breakfast bar and view into the kitchen

The kitchen

Utility room

The pantry

That wall would be where I would put a TV if I had one.

Our bathroom.

My bedroom.

My closet is huge!

So that was my new apartment. I like it here, its is in a great location and is gated. I am close to just about everything! I share my apartment with my roommate Nabil. He is also here from Ball State for student teaching. He's a great roommate and friend!

Patty, her boyfriend UJ, and I went drove downtown Houston, Texas to explore the city! Here are some pictures of our trip:

This is the view from I-45 South into the city.

Miss Patty's driving us on our excursion.

ooooh, shiny!

I was intrigued when I saw how huge this building was!
It has a mini museum, too!

Old time police car

Trooper bike

The memorial wall.

Miss Patty and her friend UJ.
We rode the train through the city.

I'm excited to start school next week. It will be the time for me to see how much I have grown as an educator. More pictures to come, stay tuned!

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