Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's about time!

So, I have not had the time to update my blog. Sorry to those who were following. Life is just crazy and busy lately.
I passed all of my classes, of course... ;-) ... and now I am ONE class away from Student Teaching...then graduation.

Wedding planning has been difficult with school, EMT class, volunteering, working two jobs and having a little time for a social life. The wedding countdown is less than a month away and we're close to having everything accomplished.

For our honeymoon we are going to drive to Orlando, Florida. We are very excited and hope that everything falls into place, mostly financially.

Well, I am exhausted. . . this morning we woke up to our next door neighbor's house on fire. We woke up to seeing lights outside and Joe said: "I think their house is on fire." By the time he made it out of the room I had my clothes on and was going to get on my shoes to help. I got outside after making sure my medical bag was accessible from my trunk I found the I.C. (incident commander) of the person in charge of the scene. I identified myself...(Hi, I live next door and I'm an EMT student for Gaston Volunteer Fire Dept.) I checked out the kids and the neighbor and I tried to make them as comfortable as possible. She has a daughter so she grabbed a pair of pants for one of the kiddos and two pairs of socks. After the house was secure and the Fire Department was packing up gear, the family came was ready to have family members to come and get them. I invited them to come into my home but I think they felt bad/embarrassed.

After the wakeup call this morning I think Joe and I are going to put another smoke detector in our home and test them to make sure that they work.

Have you checked your emergency supply kits, smoke detectors, and emergency plans with your family? This is the season for severe storms and we all need to have a GAME plan in place when something happens...
Its just like they say, it's not IF its WHEN.

Take care guys leave any questions you can think of and I will do my best to answer them.

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