Sunday, September 20, 2009

I passed!!!

I'm happy to share that I am officially a CERT/EMA member. :D yay!
Saturday was our mock disaster and test. It was a good but long day. I received the highest grade on the written exam. I was very happy to know I only missed two questions!
This weekend is a good weekend for Joe and I. We are very happy and lovie dovie this weekend.
The only bad part is that we have only been able to see each other for a few hours each day. Joe has drill this weekend, so he and I had to leave the house before both yesterday and today.
I am supposed to have an interview with a magazine today with BSU EXPO. I am still waiting to hear back from the journalist who contacted me fore a time and place.
Well, now that I have approx 50 mins before the interview I am going to go and get ready.
I wanted to put up a picture of me and the soon-to-be-hubby...

Have a fantastic day!

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