Saturday, September 26, 2009

fantastic new goodies!

Well, last night til late this afternoon I was sicker than ever with food poisoning... or at least that is what I am calling it. I would go into details but its a little too graphic...But, I am feeling much better now that I slept about thirteen hours.
I really wanted to be domesticated this weekend and get the house cleaned up really good. Also because Joe is staying at his parents working on his car with his dad. I was sad that I had to stay here for the weekend for the training that I did not end up attending for how sick I was.

So, the new goodies are below. . .
Trying to feel better and get out of the house, I went to one of my favorite stores (Target) to do some shopping to spruce up the house.
They had bedding/house wears on clearance!
So naturally I had to look through everything and find the BEST deals.
::Cue Pictures::

First I made my way towards the bedding area. I found this great "bed in a bag" for $99.99.
The last one I had had to be dry cleaned... I washed and dried it and it is ruined... sadface.
But this new one is machine washable and that's a great thing because Rocky.... the droolenator makes things yucky and they need washing at least twice a week!!

Next, I found two fantastic slip covers for my couch ...
they were $12.00 on clearance are actually supposed to be table cloths.
I have a bed that does not need a dust ruffle so
I am going to make some pillows out of the material.
As soon as I get the needle on my sewing machine fixed....
The slip covers are mainly to keep Rocky drool off of the micro-swede. haha

Then, found some great new dishes! They were $1.99 a piece.
They're made out of plastic so they won't be able to go into the microwave,
but at least they will not break!! We had heavy glass plates and they chipped and take up a whole bunch of cabinet space. If you saw my kitchen you would know that I need all that I can get when it comes to space!

So, what do you think??
I think its painfully obvious that I like the design and the colors since everything practically matches. I guess that means that I'm color coordinated. :-D
These great patterns and colors make me want to repaint my cabinets the pretty green color. Right now they are mustard yellow. They are made out of metal and are vintage so they would have to be spray painted. That would be difficult and probably expensive. And it will not be able to enjoy it very long since we are moving by August 2010!

Alright, time to finally make the bed!!! I washed the sheets so that they would be nice and comfy.

Have a great day and hope you're weekend has been good.


  1. now that's a haul, lady! i am in love with target :)

  2. wow, everything matches! great colours I must say!