Friday, August 28, 2009

the Pell the rescue

I have never been more surprised by my university in my life...

Wait I have been surprised at how I have become to hate it so much. And how I am struggling so much with one department in particular.

But, today... this marks the first pleasant surprise from BSU in the history of my six years attending the university.

I received the Federal Pell Grant!!! It covered pretty much my entire balance for this fall!! And I only have about 1500.00 left to pay off!! That is quite amazing.

If you do not know that grants are loans you do not pay back. Essentially a scholarship that you get that you do not have to do anything for. . . besides be in the lower economic status.
Which I am definitely in that category. . . and will be until I start working in an environment that has a salary. The weekend of the 22nd of August I realized that after working 18 hours that day at two different jobs that I made less than minimum wage if you averaged the amount of money I made an hour. It made me really depressed.
I was working four different jobs this summer. I was working as a Nanny, in Retail, as a Supervisor at a Stable, and a Caregiver. I am still working at my Retail job and as a Caregiver. The good news is that I have less hours to work and more hours to put into homework...when that comes up. But, I am still only making about $150.00 a week that needs to go straight to bills.
...if I could only go back in time and do it over again...
I would not have anything that involves credit cards or bills. I do not have any credit cards...anymore and let me tell you. I will never get them again. I know its important to have at least one. Well, not if you're me. I will never ever get one again.

Well, I need to get going. I am off to class. Math 201, which is a teaching math. Then, going to work at Staples from 3-9pm.

Have a splendid day!

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