Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fighting Laptops and Sleep

I am becoming quite angry at the Mac Version of Word lately. I have have it tell me for the past couple of months that I do not have enough room to open a blank document. What the crap does that mean!? Seriously, I need to get an updated computer. I have an iBook G4 from 2004. Its running...but it could possibly be more of a heating blanket than a personal computer. I am excited that I got to download a bunch of a-ma-za-zing fonts from the website that I put a sticker for, see side panel, and a whole new little scrapping bundle. It should make crafting via computer much better! YAY!
Today was an alright day, I feel that I have not been able to spend that much time with Joe these past few weeks. Life for us is just kind of on hold until I graduate. Joe has been advancing in his career in the Army National Guard. He goes to two more schools this fall. He is also trying to get his schooling that he has done in the past to count at college credits. He is going to shoot to get a B.A. something.

If you are in the Muncie area and have yet to eat at the restaurant, Amazing Joe's, you need to get over there! It is probably one of the best restaurants in Muncie. I personally would rather go to a "mom-n-pop" restaurant than a food-chain. I think that they strive to serve you better, their food always taste much better, and you get more bang for your buck because they do not have a corporate headquarters in another state where they decide prices of food.

I just looked at the clock.... this insomnia needs to stop. I am so physically tired but mentally I cannot get my brain to power down. This must be one of the curses of having ADHD. I am constantly doing something!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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