Thursday, August 27, 2009

Awesome Times with Great Friends!

Yesterday was fun! ! I need to put up pictures of our awesomeness!
So, The picture you see to the left is of me and Chelsea. We just got doing the CERT Mantra and we got to put our gear on. Although, Chelsea wanted me to say that we just got done saving like a million people from burning buildings. But it was her first meeting... and my second. So-soon
we'll become the bestest CERT gals ever.

The Next Picture is of Chelsea, Kelly, and Lucas practicing bandaging and approaching victims. We learned how to assess the situation, check for injuries, and dress wounds. We hope to practice more so that we can really get on top of our game!

In other I got an awesome new background. You can click on the link in the top corner of my page. Shabby Backgrounds... they look vintage, and you should get one!

I need to put a song on my blog-- but I am not sure where and how to do it. Any help would be appreciated!!

Well, I hope you like our pictures, and my new layout!

Have a rockin' awesome day!

p.s. a huge kudos to for the rockin' awesome fonts that made my blog look awesome! You need to check their website out....pronto!

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