Friday, October 2, 2009

what does the future hold?

Sorry I have not updated in a while. I have been busy this week with classes and work. I have been thinking a lot in my spare time about what I am going to do after I get my degree. Someone who I know that just went through the graduate program of what I am getting my bachelors degree in. . . this is his advice to me...
"my advice is to look around while finishing your degree about alternative employment. Teaching special education is very taxing and burns even the toughest out fairly fast. Deaf ed is just politically evil. My biggest piece of advice is not to allow student teaching and finding a teaching position get in the way of you and Joe. You would be making a huge mistake. It would be better to take a resource room in a low paying district so that you can be near him, rather than try to pursue TX or CO for more money etc."

It hurts me to think that I have just wasted so much money on school, and a near decade of my life towards a degree that I am not going to even use. What else would I do??? What can someone with a Special Education/Mild Disabilities/Deaf Education/Early Childhood degree do...but teach?!?

So... right now I am feeling disheartened about what the future will hold for my career. . .
I have had many opportunities in my past of working a vast variety of jobs.
I've been a babysitter for kids with special needs
Worked at a Restaurant
Worked at a Factory as a Gum Tester and QA
Worked as a secretary
Worked as a Residential Advisor in the Dorms in the summer.
Worked at Sally Beauty Supply as a manager
Worked as a Christmas Gift wrapper
Worked as a Manager at a Horse barn taking care of the animals
And currently I work as a freelanced caregiver and as at Staples and I volunteer with the Emergency Management/CERT team.

So, I guess I am pretty much a jack of all trades but what does one do with these things that will actually make money??


  1. I understand what you're going through. My first degree didn't get me anywhere. But that's mostly because I didn't know yet what I wanted to do. You at least have a goal. Just keep working toward what you want to do, and eventually you'll get there. You may have to take some other kind of job unrelated and volunteer in your field until you find a job doing what you really want. But if you really want to do something, you can do it.

  2. Here's something fun to keep your mind off of the real world for a minute. I just tagged you in a photo meme if you want to do it. It's kind of fun. I hope you weekend has been good.