Thursday, October 8, 2009

wedding update...again....

Okay so I know two things for sure....
1. Who I'm marrying
2. That we're going to have the Unit Chaplain do the exchanging of vows.

Now the things that I don't know
1. What I'm going to wear... lol
2. Where we're going to do this...
3. Who's going to be there. . .

What I think is going to happen....
1. My mom, dad, and sister will drive up here Nov. 25th and leave the 29th.
2. We'll exchange vows in the presence of immediate family. (parents and siblings)
3. Then we will all go out to dinner.

But, I am not going to take the date/time off the books at the Muncie courthouse until I hear that my mom gets time off work and that they are going to come up here.

I wish I had more news... I have been working non-stop on this and wishing I could iron things out.

Thank you all for you warm wishes and congratulations. I really appreciate it!!!


  1. Well at least you know WHO you are marrying... that's the most important part! Good luck with you planning!

  2. You know the most important things :P I think it sounds great :) maybe you can wear...hmm...idk :( a dress? duh

  3. sounds very sweet and relaxing :)