Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wolcott House

Well... I had quite a few conversations today with our family...
and our family would like to be involved with our
Which I am totally for ...
but it going to be hard not to have a big thing
which is mainly why we're doing the whole
courthouse thing and then do the
with all our family and friends
(that we can afford to have attend...haha)

So, that brings up the Wolcott House
Joe's family lives near this historical house
And this house is where his sister and brother in law were married.
Well, we were going to have just immediate family
come and watch us become one.
Even though its just to get the military to put me on Joe's insurance.
Moving to Texas (where everyone can carry an gun)
I believe that it will not be a good thing for me to
not have insurance.
**And for the record I am not expecting a child.**

Today we bought Joe's Wedding Ring.
Well, we ordered it and we are hoping it will be here at the end of this month!!

Here's a picture of it.This tungsten band 9mm.
The tungsten means that it will not show wear and tear.
The only thing that I will need to do is figure out what I want to engrave it to say.

We also looked at wedding bands for me and got something a little different.
I will show them when and if I actually get it.

But, yes this is all up in the air now. . . Just wanted to clarify and keep it updated.

Amber and Joe

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